The Hidden Life Of Jesus series


This Is Eternal Life, That They May Know You, The Only True God, And Jesus Christ Whom You Have Sent



#1) Discovering A Record Of Jesus’ Thought Life

He Grew Up Before Him Like A Tender Shoot, And Like A Root Out Of Parched Ground

THE SILENT YEARS OF JESUS’ LIFE: His Birth Announcement – His Private Adult Life

#2) Training Up The Perfect Child


#3) Jesus Receives His Divine Calling


#4) Doubts – Delays – The Father’s Confirmation


“This Is My Beloved Son, In Whom I Am Well Pleased.”

THE MINISTRY YEARS OF JESUS’ LIFE: His Baptism – His Triumphal Entry

#5) The Up Slope: Jesus Knows He Is Going To Be The King


#6) The Down Slope: Jesus Learns He Is Going To The Cross


The Lord Has Caused The Iniquity Of Us All To Fall On Him

THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS’ LIFE: His Passover Seder In The Upper Room – His Ascension To Heaven

#7) Jesus Is Granted Full Knowledge Of Who He Is


#8) Jesus Makes The Choice


#9) Jesus Prays That He Will Not Die At This Moment


#10) Jesus Is In Control And Letting It Happen


#11) Jesus Has No Fellowship With The Father


#12) Jesus Suffers The Full Penalty


#13) Jesus Anticipates Going To Hades

#14) Jesus Prays – Reflects – Praises His Father

“For My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts, Neither Are Your Ways My Ways”


#15) Looking Back At Our Substitute’s Thought Life

The Fear Of The Lord Is The Beginning Of Wisdom, And The Knowledge Of The Holy One Is Understanding


#16) Getting To Know His Son, Jesus Christ


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