"Not to be served,

 But to be served"





Notes about the audios and the handouts:

To listen to the audios:

Left click (once) the link that says "Play Audio" and the file will begin to play.

To download an audio onto your computer:

Right click the link that says: "To Download, right click and 'Save As' link".
Once the menu appears you may name the audio whatever you like.
The file will appear (normally in the "Download" folder) as an mp3 file.

To access the handouts:
Left click (once) on the icon.
A new window will open which displays the handout.

The Handouts are 11" X 17" formatted Microsoft Word© documents providing a list of all the verses covered in the study.
(We prefer the 11" x 17" format so that all the verses are kept on one sheet and can be conveniently stored in a letter file or notebook.)
The handouts are helpful for following along while listening to the audio, and for writing your personal notes.

Handouts, charts, and PowerPoint presentations developed by Connie Tatum.



(Presented January, 2024 - Present)







1. Introduction to Mark.

Jesus: Messiah, God,  The Perfect Man, the Servant





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