By Johnny Tatum


The purpose of these Bible studies exegeted from the perspective of ‘radical grace’ is to present grace as the only hope for salvation and for sanctification.



We believe strongly in the principle of obedience, and that a life of obedience is a life characterized by blessings.  However, the issue is not whether obedience is a good thing or not; it is simply—


How do we get there from here?


How does a biblical believer seek to arrive at a life of obedience?


A life of obedience can be obtained only by resting in God’s grace.


We hope that, as you read these Radical Grace Bible studies, you will prayerfully consider what the New Testament says about grace and obedience.


May the Lord richly bless you as you study His word and seek to follow Him by growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!




Radical Grace #1)  We Proclaim Grace – with No Balance!


Radical Grace #2)  Grace Is Not God Overlooking Sin; Grace Is God Killing Sin.


Radical Grace #3)  Ten Attributes That Are Produced Only by Grace.


Radical Grace #4)  Balancing Grace Hinders Grace.


Radical Grace #5)  The “Yeah Buts” That Hinder Grace.


Radical Grace #6)  Overview of Romans 1 Through 5 – Grace As Freedom from Punishment for Sins: Roaches!


Radical Grace #7)  Introduction to Romans 6 – Grace As Freedom from the Power of Sin.


Radical Grace #8)  Romans 6, Part 1 – Four Positional Truths: We Died; We Were Buried; We Were Resurrected; We Were Resurrected to New Life.


Radical Grace #9)  Romans 6, Part 2 – “Slaves to Sin”; More Roaches!


Radical Grace #10)  Romans 6, Part 3 – Our Body of Sin – “Done Away With?”


Radical Grace #11)  Romans 6, Part 4 – Giving Weapons to the One with No Weapons.


Radical Grace #12)  Romans 6, Part 5 – Empowering the One with No Power – Are We Empowering Sin by Trying to Obey?


Radical Grace #13)  The Human Dimension in Salvation and Sanctification


Radical Grace #14)  Accepting Our New Identity




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