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Stonebridge Church, The Woodlands, Texas

Speaker: Johnny M. Tatum



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Updated September 6, 2017


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Updated November 19, 2017


A Special Message to Listeners
July 28, 2017

Audio Bible Study updates:



Study posted October 22, 2017

..................The invisible Encourager

.What's it going to take to turn America around?

Closing:. Michael W. Smith, "Glory Overture"

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Study posted September 6, 2017


Leaving the Shadows for Reality

Are we merely characters in a virtual reality game?

Closing:. Johannes Brahms "Hungarian Dance No.5"

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Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ:

What the Gospel is -- and is Not

by Connie Tatum

Promises for those who
Jesus as their Savior

Warnings for those who


The Truth



Lastest Ezekiel study
December 13, 2016

Ezekiel --

The Pantomime


9. God performs His strange

work by sending
deceiving spirits

to possess
intentional liars

Political & Religious Realms

Bible Passages study
September 30, 2017

Difficult Passages

of the Bible

4. Category #2
(frequently compounded

by Bad Manuscripts)

The Blessing Place
of Christ

Latest Bible Passages study
October 4, 2017

Difficult Passages

of the Bible

5. Category #2

Wood, Hay, Straw


Gold, Silver, &

Precious Stones




Audio Bible Studies:


God's Plans for Nations, Borders,
Immigration & Solving Poverty
Difficult Passages in the Bible:

The Perspicuity of Scripture & Misunderstandings

Ezekiel: The Pantomime Prophet Acts: God uses only defective people
The Bible: Origin and Transmission The Life of Jesus: Learning to Listen
Peter the Redneck Poet -- 1 Peter:
Embracing a Life of Joy in the Hostile World
Peter the Redneck Poet -- 2 Peter:
Partakers of the Divine Nature
Pre-History of the World The Rapture of the Church -- Believers, Children,
& Animals under Believers' Dominion
History of the World - Past, Present, Future "Bematos" -- The Blessing Place of Christ
Joshua Judges
Ruth The Psalms
Elijah / Elisha Hebrews
Easter Series Topical Messages




Text-based Bible Studies:


The Hidden Life of Jesus "Radical Grace" Series
Esther: An Allegory Daniel: Getting Hidden Knowledge
Ruth: A Jewel Shining Against the Darkness  







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